Where are Bear 2.0 notes stored?

Quick question: Can someone tell me where Bear 2.0 stores notes right now?

I managed to create a rough note that I can’t delete or edit because if I try to do it, Bear 2.0 force closes. (Don’t ask me how this happened. All I did was put a * infront of a code block and somehow it crashed the app.)

You should probably work with the team to squash the underlying bug before you nuke the database.

That was my idea too but I have no clue what happened. The interesting thing is, when I try to view the note it’s content isn’t formatted and instead it’s shown as:

# Test test
* Example: 
docker run -I \
	-v "$(pwd)":"$(pwd)" -w "$(pwd)" \

with a really small font. xD

Bear 2 stores the notes here → ~/Library/Group Containers/9K33E3U3T4.net.shinyfrog.bear/Application Data v2/

Can you export the note before deleting everything and send it to us so we can check what’s going on? Thank you!

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I got the same kind of crash doing this :

+1 for “with a really small font” before crashing.

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Hi Matteo. Inside the Application Data v2 folder I have a database.sqlite and Local Files. Local Files only contains a folder called Note Images … ? xD

And I tried to export the note via Bear but every time I try that the app force closes. So for now all I can tell you is this: I had a nested list and inserted a code block below it. Then I wanted to try what would happen if I tried to make the code block a part of the list. So I inserted a * right before the ``` and that killed the app and the note.