Why don’t we hide the pound symbol in tags?

Despite beautifully hiding the markdown across the app, the pound (#) symbol in tags persists.

Is there a reason for this? Seems inconsistent :thinking:


How would you recognize it from links? The behavior of links and tags differ fundamentally and user needs to distinguish them (plus hashtag in tags has never been part of markdown syntax)


Tags are already appear quite distinct from links in Bear - tags are rendered as “pills” with highlighted backgrounds and links are coloured text (often with a pencil symbol). You don’t need to see a # to tell it’s a tag, and they are already hidden in the sidebar (replaced with a tagcon if one is set automatically or manually). I’d be happy to see the tagcon in the document instead of a #, but it’s not a major priority either way.

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You are right, I did not realise that you can distinguish visually between them in Bear (because they appear the same in many other apps). In that case, the idea of hiding # sounds interesting and could lead to less visual clutter.