Words repeated on second line of list view on iPadOS 15

Testing version: 2.0 (11586) iPadOS

What were you doing: viewing list of notes

What feature did you use: viewing list of notes

What happened:

On my iPad Air 2 on iPadOS 15.7.6, in every note in the list, on the second line of content I see several words repeated from the previous line.


This does not occur on my iPhone 12 on iOS 16.5, or on my MacBook Pro on macOS 13.4. In these cases the second line begins where the first line picks up.

What did you expect to happen: I expected that the text from the first line of the summary “wraps” to the second line, so that the first word of the second line is the next word after the end of the first line.

I remember this being an iOS bug at some point and I’m pretty sure this is the case as iOS 16 doesn’t report this issue. We’ll very as soon as possible.