X-callback-url action for Markdown Folder import

Hi Bear Team

Please consider adding an x-callback-url action for File > Import From… > Markdown Folder

This would allow the automation of markdown imports. Thank you

I don’t think that’s possible due to the macOS sandbox.

We don’t have permission to read files that aren’t directly opened by the user (using the open panel or dragged inside the app).

I would have thought that this is similar to /add-file. Isn’t that a very similar scenario? /add-file manages to attach the specified file to a bear note. That too requires the ability to read the file. Doesn’t it?

Have you considered using Shortcuts for this purpose? I never done this but you can read the content of the md files and create one note for each one of them.

XCallbacks are unfortunately not the best tool for importing files as everything is passed within URL’s query part, and passing path don’t work because of macOS/iOS sandbox.

Haven’t explored Shortcuts yet but look into it. Whether that’s feasible depends on whether images/media are included.