2 more mins to go until v2's release!

Is anyone waiting for the release and refreshing app store? Although I’m a beta user for a long time but I’m still excited about the launch!


Yes indeed I was, also despite testing (now I feel I can put real notes back in)

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Just installed v2 on both iOS and macOS, no issue so far, and looks the same as the latest beta (as expected)!

I just did the same. I did notice that the App Store version is an earlier version. So I wonder if it is still needed from the dev team for some of us to stay on the TestFlight versions. Any thoughts?

Since trying to download the official version from the App Store doesn’t seem to delete the TestFlight version on macOS - did you delete the beta from the application folder?

Yes, I’ve deleted the testflight version on mac, otherwise App Store doesn’t allow me to install.


Thank you! I wasn’t sure whether this might break something but I’ll try it then. :handshake:

In my case, there wasn’t any issue, but do backup everything before doing it

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Sure thing! Thank you for the warning prompt though! :slight_smile:

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