A simple request for a uppercase I

I’ve been a Bear subscriber for years and love it. My request is to have a standalone “i” to automatically go to uppercase “I”. So many other apps do this automatically that I expect it and Bear doesn’t so I have to backspace and correct it over and over again. Thanks!

Hello there,

that should be part of the standard macOS/iOS spelling and grammar correction, I’ve just tried it and it seems to work correctly.

By any chance have you disabled the spelling correction?

No chance, I’m WAY TOO dependent on spell check. But I tested it and spellcheck is on…

My assumption is that you realize it’s not a start of the sentence i but a mid-sentence i. This was copied from Bear by the way.

Hi there,
I tried to replicate your problem but was unsuccessful.
I was wondering if perhaps you are using a language other than English for the spell check?

The Oxford English and Apple dictionaries were checked. I scrolled down and for some reason the Chinese dictionary was also checked which is kind of scary. I unchecked Chinese and tried again and it worked. Thanks!

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