Ability to use right and left arrow images from Bear 1

Is there any possibility of using the right and left arrow images from Bear 1 instead of Bear 2? This is such a seemingly minor nit, but each time I see the arrow in Bear 2, I’m reminded how much I prefer the Bear 1 version.

Bear 1:
Bear 1 arrows

Bear 2:
Bear 2 arrows

Since the arrows are independent of the font selected, I’m guessing it’s something within the core of Bear. So if there’s any possibility of reverting back to the Bear 1 “flavor” for the arrows, that would be much appreciated.

Thank you.


No, it’s not possible to choose a variant of the arrows. We changed those glyphs because the old ones do not work with the new font.

Best Regards.

That’s too bad … I found the “filled in” smaller arrowhead from Bear 1 to be much more sublime. But thanks for the update.