Additional Icons


Looking forward to Bear 2.0! I would like to suggest that the Tag icons packages be updated to have more options. There isn’t even a simple folder icon but they have seemingly random icons that I will probably never use. That’s fine because we all use apps in different ways and for different needs. But a good icon package would go a LONG way to personalize Bear without adding complicated settings or other unneeded things. Hey, if not, being able to add your own svg icon would be great.

Thanks for listening. I am Pro subscriber by the way.


Some folder and document icons indeed would be nice

At some point, we’ll introduce new tagcons but I don’t think will be before 2.0 release. My understanding is you want a folder icon and I’ll add it to the list of tagcon ideas to consider.

Regarding the document icon, we have this.

Screenshot 2022-12-19 at 10.56.09


Thanks. Good to hear that some new icons will be coming in the future. I especially like the offering ga provided by Ulysses. Roughly 200 icons to choose from. Again, it seems to be an easy and less obtrusive way to offer some personalization without the overhead of complicated settings, etc.


Also, another icon that I don’t see is a simple box icon, similar to those used for archive. I think these types of icons are needed. It’s great having an Avengers icon but just not a common use case for most people.

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