Feature Request: More TagCons

I don’t think TagCons have been touched since the early days, but now with Bear 2 out, I think they could use some more!

Are there any plans to support additional tagcons? Perhaps even the opportunity to use custom icon libraries?


We’ve updated our TagCon library a few times, but we definitely do have plans to add more! Let us know anything in your mind, a genre or a specific tagcon you’d like.
For custom icons, it’s a bit tricky due to the variations of the sizes and compatibility with other UI elements. Most likely we won’t implement custom icons, but we’ll give it some thoughts and see if we could make the TagCons even more flexible!


I’d like a Personal icon, usually represented by a head. Currently Bear suggests a mirror icon for personal, which I don’t prefer. Similarly, an icon with multiple heads, usually to indicate a group of people.

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If you right click you can change different Tagcons for your tags, I also have a #personal tag and I use the glasses TagCon for that :smiley:

I know, that’s what I’m using currently. But on other systems (Notion, Obsidian, etc.) I’m using the “head” icon to represent personal. It’d be nicer to have it consistent.