Tagcons question

Hi Bear devs! A quick question: I thought, some time during the beta phase, you said thgere would be more tagcons to choose from. Is that right? Or am I confusing with something else?

I ask because I have a couple of new categories that beg a tagcon that just isn’t there; and to me it looks as if there are the same tagcons as there were before…


Hello, we have yet to tackle the new tagcons so, if you have suggestions feel free to ask.

I don’t have suggestions as to topics or images, but I do have a suggestion with regards to what I’d like to have: as much choice as possible. Something like Font Awesome would be great. With the tagcons as they currently are, I’m always struggling to find a match. I often use categories that are more like philosophical topics than anything tangible. For example, “mourning”. In Font Awesome, I can use a sunset for that concept.

You don’t have to have 26,000 tagcons like they claim to have, though :laughing:


I just want to bump this request. As a brand new user, I feel the TagCons are very limited. I guesstimate there’s roughly 256 TagCons. Maybe that’s a hard limit… but it would be nice if something like remixicon.com which are open-source could be used.

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