Important Question: If you could add or update any Tagcons in Bear, what would you like to see? 🔖

We appreciate any & all answers, so go wild! :smile:

My initial reaction is icons mimicking the emoji set. In the « object » subset alone (printer, computer…) there are many symbols missing from TagCons. Having equivalents for the whole of emojis would be great and I don’t think we could ask for more. The team could simply keep up with that when new characters are released.


I definetely would need a bunch of folders and documents tagcons.

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More than anything I just want colors, so they’re easier to pick out. One way would be to let us choose colors. Another would be to simply let us use emojis as tagcons.


I agree with @Torb - please give us emoji’s so we can have color. Otherwise, just make Apple’s entire library available. thx!

I’m sorry to say it because of all the people who want it so much but I believe emojis would destroy the aesthetics of bear. I would take the chance and list up all tagcons you are missing


I get why designers just use monochrome color schemes. It is the easiest way to get something to look elegant after all.

That said, you loose functionality in that it’s much more difficult to pick out stuff. Safari used to make icons of websites monochrome by default (if it even showed it), but over time they’ve moved to show the favicon in all it’s glory. Why? Because it makes it easier and faster to pick out the tab you want to pick out.

I think users should be able to opt into the more elegant (but less useful) of using monochrome, but leave the option of color for those who want the usability of that. I suppose it might have to be the other way around since Bear has built so much of it’s brand around it’s elegant aesthetics. While I personally appreciate said aesthetic, I actually use Bear primarily because it works so well, not purely for how it looks.

Maybe a reasonable compromise could be to still use the Apple icon set, but allow us to set colors but it’s a predefined set by Shiny Frog. And yeah: I’m totally fine if that would be limited to themes. I just want to see my tags easier.

For me, since this is primarily an Apple only app I feel it should have Apple emojis just like other Apple apps use if they have icons.

I feel it’s pretty straightforward for the decision.

I believe I read somewhere the reason for tagicons was technical; but having been in the software industry for 32 years - there is a way to get it to work.

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The few ones I remember wanting was more calendar options. Something that represented a dropdown menu and a search field—UI components essentially. I’ll update when I think of more.