Adding tags to multiple notes

I’m currently importing my 20 Evernote notebooks into Bear. Unfortunately, Bear tags all of the entries as #evernote and will not include a tag for the notebook’s name. I’ve even added a new note with a tag named for the notebook I’m adding.

So now, I’m importing each notebook, one at a time, and then renaming the #evernote tag into the notebook name. I want to have all the tags appear as the notebook they came from.

Anyone come up with a better plan that I’m missing?


I’m unsure if this is a better solution but, if I remember correctly, you can tag all the notes in the notebook with the notebook name in EN before exporting. The resulting notes will be tagged with the notebook name in Bear.

I do not think the importer recognizes Evernote tags. I think it would be safer to add hashtags in the note body itself #like so#. I might be mistaken though.