Adjust the size of an image... How?

Hello all again. The new version of BEAR offers the possibility to adjust the size of an image. I couldn’t figure out how to do this though…
I know I have to longpress the image to see the context menu where I can choose the command. Then the image gets a small triangle in the lower right corner, which is the spot to grab (and adjust) it I guess…
But this is no straight process for me. It is more trial and error. I have to do this 5 times, 10 times, fiddling around. It works but with much hassle. What am I doing wrong? How does the smooth way look like? Thanks.


There does seem to be a bug as I too can’t get the image resize function to work first time on either my iPad or iPhone. Tap and hold to bring up the menu, selecting resize and the appearance of the triangle grip at the lower right of the image all works fine. When you then try to use the triangle to drag to resize it just “rebounds”. I’m finding I have to then repeat the call up of the the resize tool and it then decides to work…so I’m effectively having to do it twice.

I would second this!
And it is more often than twice in order to make things work.