Alias functionality

Can someone explain to me how aliases work?

If I create a note with the following syntax:
[[this is a long note title|short alias]]
I get a note with the title “short alias”.

So far so good. If I now want to refer to it in another note with [[this is a lo …]] it is not found. With [[short … the note is suggested.

I would expect the note [[this is a long note title|short alias]] to be suggested in both cases.

Am I doing something wrong here or do I not understand the function? In Obsidian it is possible to access the note via both terms - that is the purpose of aliases, isn’t it?

It’s not an alias. It’s a link, with the “this is a long…” as the displayed text, for the link “short alias”.

You create a note with title long note title and when you write about the topic, you write [[long note title | short title]]

Thank you - so this is more of a link alias and not a file alias. So this is only for “cosmetic” purposes. Pretty useless for my usecase but thanks for the clarification!

Well, why would you need a file alias? Just tag both of them in your notes and it will show up in both tags!

When I want to link from another note to it … with [[AI or with [[KI it doesn’t show up.

Ah I see what you mean. You can’t make a preset for alias. If you want to link the Künstliche Intelligenz note with any alias you have previously used, you need to search for Künstliche Intelligenz since that is the name of your note. It is like the links. When you have [funny name](, in no other place could funny name refer to as the link to google except for the instance you have linked to it.