Linking to note title with “|” in a table

Testing version: 2.0

What were you doing: linking to notes within a table

What feature did you use: tables

What happened: when typing the note title that includes a “|” it appears correctly. When exiting the note, the title adjusts to what is after the “|” and creates a link to a note with the title from the words before the “|”

What did you expect to happen: the link to stay as inserted, display and link correctly

What happens when you exit the note and go back into it? For me, that’s when aliases in tables display and link properly.

Edit: Misread your issues. What you describe is actually the alias function. You can link to a note and use an alias by adding a pipe followed by the alias. This is helpful when you want to refer to a note within a sentence using some other string of words than the title.

If you have notes with pipes in their titles that may very well cause issues with the alias function.

I don’t think it works in obsidian, either. There are probably some regex nerdz who could explain the convoluted lookahead needed to sort this problem out (i assume it’s done in regex anyway, as many other markdown parsers are. Maybe shiny frog have a slicker way to do it)

Edit. Sorry, i should add context. A table in markdown looks like this:

| heading| another heading| you get it|
|—-| —-|—-|
| some text | moor text | ipsum lorem|

So you can see how an extra pipe between the table formatting pipes could screw up the rendering of a table. The only solution depends on how markdown is parsed, and given that MOST markdown parsers do require some regexp (to my recollection anyway), it’s probably ill-advised to use alias notation in a table because it may be incompatible with other parsers on export, even if bear itself supported it.

In fact, forget any of my speculations about regex specifically; many other markdown parsers simply don’t support it regardless of HOW they parse the markdown, so that incompatibility is the fundamental problem.