Wiki Link Alias Interferes with Table Parsing

Testing version:
Beta Update 9916

What were you doing:
Attempting to use a wiki link alias in a table header

What feature did you use:
Wiki link aliasing and tables

What happened:
The table ceases to be rendered as such when closing and reopening the note. Attempting to escape | inside the wiki link breaks wiki link functionality.

What did you expect to happen:
The table maintains its structure, and the wiki link alias works as expected.


I forgot to mention this in the changelog. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of wiki aliases parsing as it uses the same separator | used by markdown tables. I’m not sure we’ll be able to solve this issue.

Isn’t it a rather simple logic to not treat separators put within double brackets as table elements? I just tested in iA Writer, and aliases work within tables there, including in headers.

Im noticing that aliases do work in non-header rows in Bear, so I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be possible within headers.