Backlink Alias In A Table Imposes Escape Character, Breaks Link

Testing version: 2.0 (11586)

What were you doing: Typed pipe “|” key at the end of backlink text (to the right of “]]”)

What feature did you use: Table + Backlink Alias

What happened: An escape backslash " \ " was immediately prepended to the pipe. It is not possible to delete the backslash. Clicking or moving the cursor away keeps that backslash in place, effectively creating a typo link to a page that does not exist. The following screenshot shows the escape key automatically appearing and being un-deleteable (Saturday) and how the link ultimately gets broken (Sunday)

What did you expect to happen: A link alias to appear as it does outside of table cells.

I’m aware this is a parsing issue with MD tables: pipes are used to delimit cells horizontally. That said, I wonder if there’s a workaround. FWIW, I tested in Obsidian and it allows you to create a backlink alias in a table cell, provided the pipe is escaped. Upon rendering the table, it appears as an aliased link and works properly.

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You’re only seeing this bug upon the initial rendering, right? Once you close-reopen the note and it’s rendered correctly, then the link works for you?

Oh interesting. You’re correct - writing text after a pipe creates an alias (for some reason however I was doing it before had me stuck on the left side of the pipe, but that’s not default behavior). If you leave the note, then come back, it looks good.

So it’s possible, I guess the bug is actually that it doesn’t real-time render properly.

Exactly! So I’m hoping this is an easier bug to fix than the matter of aliased wiki links in tables as a whole that other programs seem to have trouble with.