Display of Aliases in backlinks shows [[Note Title | Alias]] instead of just alias

I dont know if this is a bug or feedback

  1. When you link to a note using an alias, both the note name and the alias show up in backlinks
  • It shows up as [[Note Name | Alias ]]

This may be desired behavior, since if the wiki link references a Header then the header shows this way?

If it is desired behavior, maybe there is a nicer way to present this (maybe collapsible subtitle underneath the collapsible note title in backlinks?)

  • (On a side note, I have trouble understanding backlink context from seeing the sentences containing the backlinks, especially if there are multiple backlinks from one note , as in the Marc Andreessen note in this example)
  • If anyone has a nice back linking system they would be willing to share screenshots of that would be much appreciated.

Here are example pictures

  • Backlink from note with Alias

  • Backlink from header with alias

Extra info incase it is a bug:
Testing version:
What were you doing:
Looking at Backlinks
What feature did you use:
What happened:
A backlink to a note with an alias shows the note name and the alias.

  • e.g. it shows [[Note name |Alias]] instead of just [[Alias]]
    What did you expect to happen:
    To only see the alias

The aliases display the same way in other apps (e.g., Obsidian).

The backlinks panel graphic to which you have referred here was captured at an earlier stage of development. At that earlier stage, there was less space allowed for the text around the linked mention. Now, you have more space to show the text around your links.

Actually it is the same for all markdown formatted texts. See #Bear2# behaves the same

It’s a feature then, got it. Thanks.

I realize that there is more space than in the earlier version. But in the few back links I’ve tried out it still doesn’t seem like enough.

It could be (probably is) me entering back links or writing notes poorly though. I’m just more interested in where the back link is coming from than in a short snippet of text surrounding the back link, which in things like bullet points can be truncated anyway

  • (i realize the back link panel shows the note containing the back link but it doesn’t show the header that contains the back link, and it’s possible that there is a back link under multiple different headers of the same note)
  • something like a hover or click to-preview the back link source could also be nice.

That’s assuming your preceding heading sufficiently explains the linked mention that follows it. It may not. It may be more likely that the text (if written for the purpose of linking) around the link better explains the context.

Nevertheless, for backlinks in their current form, I’m afraid all you have is the note title and surrounding text to help you with answering that “where” question. You can also better answer that question by structuring your notes to answer it.

I previously posted about the complexity that comes with displaying backlinks in Oct '22. I’m now just watching it play out with the beta users. I think the backlinks panel communicates to users that it has some major purpose. It’s a search for the linked term. That’s it - a search. And, without the ability to turn them into linked mentions from the panel itself, unlinked mentions are pointless.

Thanks for the thorough reply and link to that post.

text to help you with answering that “where” question. You can also better answer that question by structuring your notes to answer it.

That’s what I need to work on. :sweat_smile:

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