Backlinks with wiki style links don’t render titles

Testing version:
2.1.4 (12484) ipad version

What were you doing:
Viewing the backlinks of a document

What feature did you use:
To set up the link, an internal link with a custom link text like:
[[Document title|Link text]]

What happened:
In the backlinks view, the “source text” doesn’t show the link title rendered, which makes it messy and hard to read. In this case, the link text should have just been “here.”

What did you expect to happen:
I expected the rendered version only is what should be displayed

Any thoughts on this one? It still persists; just curious if the team agress that this should be changed?

I’m personally conflicted because displaying the alias only might raise more questions than showing the whole wiki link. This is one of those subjects I’d like to read feedback from more users.

I was hoping for this to get changed too :slight_smile: I have currently stopped using aliases as they make backlinks unreadable, particularly when reading from a phone.

Also, I’m not sure about the benefit of seeing the full name, considering that we always see the backlinks panel from the context of the target note (thus the note’s name is already visible). Wouldn’t that be redundant information?

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I think shortening the backlinks to how the link is rendered in the note makes sense for better readability. Actually the logic is simple: Everything that appears colored in the backlinks panel is a link to the note or to a heading inside the note. Who knows at all how to create links with an alias would not be surprised about a short backlink.

In that context: What is highly confusing and indeed raise a question: why links to headings inside a note are not shown in a different color than the rest of the text? Here an example from your welcome notes:

When I firstly was confronted with that my question was: why it is shown, although there is no link? The unrecognizability that it is a link in combination with a tripartite name of a link makes it unnecessarily difficult to work with the backlinks panel


Since the backlinks are rendered in context and, of course, there’s only a backlink if… there is an actual backlink, I do not believe confusion is possible. If an alias shows, there can be no doubt that this is actually a backlink is disguise. Like others in this thread, I would render the alias only and omit the link.


It’s been some time, but I think it’s worth adding one final argument in favour of displaying aliases in backlinks (instead of the full links): links get completely out of control as soon as you start linking note subsections.