Apple Intelligence & EU

Apple nicely showed off Bear during the WWDC keynote around some of its Apple Intelligence feature. However, yesterday the news came that the AI features (amongst others) will not come to the EU (Apple Intelligence Features Not Coming to European Union at Launch Due to DMA - MacRumors)

How does this affect Bear, being originally an Italian company I believe? Meaning some developers might not be albe to actively develop against certain features as well? (I know the highlighted features on the WWDC showing bear should be “automatically” without any effort from the Bear devs).

This doesn’t concern us as a company but more consumers in Europe and, as far as I can understand cloud-based features. At the moment this applies to WWDC announced iPhone Mirroring, SharePlay Screen Sharing and it’s unclear if Apple Intelligence features are involved, but I think this will be the case.

All the writing tools features (summarisation, tone change, …) and natural language search work on the device, if it can run AI. This is the case of iPhones in particular as only 15 Pros can currently run AI on the device. It’s unclear to me if the other iPhones will always run an iCloud version of AI or no AI at all.

We are at the very beginning of Apple Intelligence and most of the functionalities will be rolled over the next 12 months. Currently, the suggested way for testing new Siri intents is using Shortcuts and this allows us to develop those features regardless of our position.

The writing tools might require some work for adapting the result to markdown but should indeed be available automatically for every app using standard TextViews or WebViews.


This is very premature to discuss of course but I think we’d benefit from having the option to opt out of such services. I think (and the Bear team has said so in the past) that this app is mostly focused on creating and AI does not go hand in hand with this.

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I understand Apple Intelligence will come « for free » to any app using system controls, which Bear does. So it should be enabled in regions where the features are enabled, depending on Apple’s rollout, and come to Bear in those cases.

AFAIK AI features are actually opt-in not opt-out so even people outside of Europe may not know and not utilise this feature either.

This is something Apple is offering outside of the scope of the Bear devs and no codes are worked on from Bear’s end for that reason. Also Bear originally had no intention to work with AI (Artificial Intelligence) so I don’t think they would build feature around it either. There are myriads of things users are wishing for and the devs are working on (such as the 4th pane, web version, better code view, math integration, Panda etc.) I don’t think Apple Intelligence would affect greatly on what the developers do or how most users use Bear.