Apple Watch app stopped working, cannot reinstall

Testing version:

iOS version 2.0 (10939). I presume the Apple Watch version is the same as the iPhone?

What were you doing:

Opening the app.

What feature did you use:

No feature yet.

What happened:

This morning I discovered that the note I made on my Apple Watch late last night had nog been synced to my iPhone (or Mac). I could open the app and see the note plus the New Note area but not scroll through the list of notes. After force quitting the app I could not open it again. Then I uninstalled the app and restarted the watch in the hopes that reinstallation would fix the problem. But now I cannot reinstall the app (when I press install the progress button just goes round and round endlessly).

What did you expect to happen:

I expected to be able to use the app.


can you please try to reboot your iPhone too? I am not sure about what’s happening here but I think there are some pairing issues between the phone and the watch.