Apple Watch sync

Testing version: 11513

What were you doing:

What feature did you use: Apple Watch

What happened: Does not sync

What did you expect to happen: Sync with Apple Watch

The Apple Watch sync has been working great but I noticed yesterday it was not syncing. I rebooted the phone and the watch and did reset sync data on the watch app but still does not sync.

Hello. I want to exclude this is a device issue before checking our part. Please try to re-install Bear on your watch using the Watch app on your iPhone.

That did work. I had rebooted both phone and watch and did reset sync data none of which worked but I didn’t think of uninstalling and re-installing.

I’ll keep and eye on it.

This is one of the next to no apps that have notes on the watch and in addition to really liking Bear anyway; I use the Bear watch app a lot. Saves me many times of having to take the phone around. Especially to the grocery store by having the grocery list on there :joy:

Thank you.

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