Sync not working

Testing version: 2.02

What were you doing: General use

What happened: Bear has stopped syncing between devices. I have Bear on a Mac Mini, a Macbook Air, and an iphone. The Air and the Mini is showing that Bear synced 6 days ago. On iphone, it is showing a “sync error”.

What did you expect to happen: Bear to sync as normal.

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It’s now syncing again. Any idea why it might have stopped working earlier? An icloud issue rather than a Bear issue?

Syncing is broken for me. I have Bear Pro and use it across 4 devices - MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iPhone, and iPad. None of the devices are syncing and I’ve made changes in at least 2 of them.

Same here. Was working until recently. I sync across macos and iPadOS and iOS. Running the latest version of Bear on all (Version 2.0.2 (11749))

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