Bear 2.0 No Control-click Drop Down Menu

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (10641)
What were you doing:
Attempting to delete note in the Note List
What feature did you use:
What happened:
What did you expect to happen:
Drop down menu with option to delete file in list (CTRL-click OK within a note)

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Thanks for reporting this. We are investigating the issue.

Testing Version 2.0 (11015) on macOS 13.2.1. Using MacBook Pro M1 + trackpad.

I think this issue is the same one as I noticed earlier today too. I was Control + clicking the macbook’s trackpad on the notes list, expecting to see a menu. My observations:

  1. I can get the menu to appear if I very carefully Control + click exactly on the date modified text.
  2. If I have a second note open in a new window, the menu appears as you’d expect by clicking anywhere on the note row.

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I can recreate your examples every time. Nicely spotted!!

Testing version: Version 2.0 (11586) on MacOS 13.4.1 (22F82)
Using Apple MacBook Pro M2 Max

The issue remains - the dropdown menu still works as ably noted by @graemesi in April. It does not work anywhere else in the note preview. Changing the preview style makes no difference.

I’m still seeing this in Version 2.0.15 (12062) on OS X 12.7. This page helped me learn that I could click the last updated time (thanks!) but I would really love this to be fixed – I just updated to 2 and I keep clicking and expecting a menu and being confused. :slight_smile:

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