Better search experience / part 2: choose the place where to search

(that post is continuing that topic)


Inspired by ulysses app i want to request a feature to specify where to search (mainly in searching of second pane where notes are listed but also in in-note search).

One of bears search expression is “@title” that reduces the search to note titles. Before adding more special search expressions i think it would be more friendly to choose the place from inside the search bar like in the screenshot below where citations as search place is settled:

Bildschirmfoto 2022-05-07 um 17.48.57

Ulysses allows to search in every imaginable place which is quite overstrained in my eyes. But the basic places would be nice like: headings, text, tables, bulleted lists, to-do-lists, citations, code blocks, …

I would like to see more clarity in the search function. The search results should also remain visible when leaving the keyboard, so that one can see all search results when scrolling.

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