Search: additional operators and special searches

I totally agree with you that the search inside the notes list can be improved by: 1. a better filtering by tags and 2. the definition of places where to search. But i do not think that it should be implemented in that way. I understand that some people like to never leave their fingers from the keyboard but it is not user-friendly anymore as it could be. I made here a request for defining the places (title, headings, quotes, code blocks, lists and so on) for search by dropdown menu from searcher. Here a screenshot from inspiring ulysses app that has exaggerated many places (you can even search inside bolded, italic or highlighted text or you can reduce the search just to the caption of an image):

I have several problems with advanced search expressions for that purpose:

  1. I anyway consider them too technical. I prefer a nice and user-friendly ui like in ulysses
  2. There is a logical inconsistency by using also @-expressions for that purpose to define the places where to search. Actually almost all @expression ask for an attribute of a note whereas @title reduces the search place to the title. For example take @code: that expressions searches for notes that contain a code. That means you need another operator than @ to search inside codes. Sorry for bad english. I hope you get what i mean.

In regard to the tag syntax you presented you must admit that the understandability for many if not even most users is hard. My wish for that would be an pop up that shows a tag tree of the tags inside the notes list, means: a tag tree with checkboxes for choosing out and with different states like include and exclude.

For sure a combination of 1. Where to search AND 2. choosing tags inside a tag tree of tags from the whole notes list AND 3. point 1 reduces the tag tree of point 2 would at least for me would be a killer feature. On reddit i also requested that with a reasoning that better should have been placed at the end of the post

(sorry for the language - somehow i was not in the mood to write in english. My main point is to say: i prefer more an friendly ui than search expressions )

by the way: i like your idea to search inside of wiki links a lot :wink: