Better user experience at placing several images in one line

When placing one image after another in the same line it would be friendlier if bear remembers the size. Here how it works now:

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I agree, that would be really nice! I’ll talk with the team about this :slight_smile:

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Or you could also have a right-click action to “align with nearby images”. That might be more flexible than only doing it automatically

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And that option would be available when the second image is in the same line? If yes, I would prefer the automatic way assuming that the fewest wants to have images in same line with different sizes

I usually prefer to have images vertically aligned instead of on the same line so I think this being forced on me would annoy me a little bit.

I think also that could be done automatically as long as there is no text between the images

How would this work with different size images? If second image is larger in height?
Or is main purpose to fit it on same line (height)?

When the images are in line then the height will be fitted. When they are vertically placed (new line but no text between) the width will be fitted. The ratio is kept. Not really sure what you mean

Images that are larger in height will become very small if you resize them to match another.

Was wondering if that would be correct /wanted behaviour. But I guess they should be same height when on same line, otherwise you get weird whitespace?

These images I do not want to match another then. Just the others :wink:

I have realised the images actually snap to the same size both horizontally or vertically, and I think this is the most clean and simple solution. No extra toggle, no preference of whether to align it horizontally or vertically.

There is a snap but nevertheless the whole process is cumbersome and could be simplified

While it could also be an option in the context menu, how about double-clicking on the resizing widget to auto-size an image? That would be a lot easier than bringing up a context menu for each image.

I still advocate for no option and for no menu. Once the size for the first image is set then the rest could be done automatically. Why someone would like to have a different result. Generally I like automagical behaviour more than options