[bug report] focus is wrong when iOS app is switched to background and back

Testing version:

Reproduce steps:

Search a key word ABC

A list of notes with ABC is shown in a list view

Choose a long note and this note has ABC in its title
Note here, the ABC in the title will be focused(highlighted) when entering the note page

Now scroll down to the bottom of this long note and type a few words, note we now should have focus at the bottom of the note, since obviously, we are editing it here.

Switch the app to the background (go to iOS Home Screen)

Go back to bear.

The bug happens here! The focus is now on the title of the note, specifically on the searched term ABC.

What feature did you use:

What did you expect to happen:
The focus should be at the bottom of the page where I left off editing

Hope it helps before the official release!

Yeah I noticed this too.

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