Can’t drag& drop file from GoodNotes

Testing version: iPad version 2.0 (10670)

What were you doing: dragging a file from GoodNotes to a bear note

What feature did you use: drag and drop

What happened: nothing. when I dragged the file into the bear note and released my finger the file was not put into the bear note

What did you expect to happen: the file to be put into the bear note as a pdf.

(This worked on the current version of GoodNotes and bear 1.0 so I don’t think this is a GoodNotes issue.

I realize you cannot test this without GoodNotes but there might be a general drag and drop issue

The drag and drop did not work in either Split View or full screen)

Also, maybe a second bug:
In iPad, when I click 3 dots (horizontal), press and hold on GoodNotes, click “show all windows”, and select a window, the iPad takes me to the Lock Screen and does not do Split View

  • it does do Split View fine if I don’t go through the “ show all windows” menu

  • I haven’t seen this with other apps, so maybe there is a problem with GoodNotes and not bear …