Sync with Noteshelf/GoodNotes/Notability

I was wondering if it’s possible to sync Notes from one of these “handwritten notes” apps into Bear automatically. This would be great because I feel these category of note apps are great with the Apple Pencil, while Bear is way better at typed notes (and categorizing imo).

Evernote currently has this integration with Noteshelf. I can mark a notebook inside of Noteshelf and it will sync all the changes automatically with Evernote. Meaning it creates a note inside Evernote with the content of Noteshelf as a pdf automatically. And keep that pdf up to date with any changes I make inside noteshelf.


for technical reasons, this kind of integration is hardly achievable for Bear without potentially breaking user privacy. We are also not very inclined to integrate third-party services we don’t have control over. We usually suggest using Bear’s share extension or Shortcuts for this kind of task but will not work automatically.


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