[Cancelled] Feature Request: UX: Add new row to table with tab

At work we use confluence a lot, and a neat feature I got used to is to add a new row to the table when pressing tab in the last cell.

This means that you can use tab to navigate, and when reaching the end, another tab will quickly add a new row to it.

Nevermind, I just realized you have the short cut Command + Enter to achieve the same (and it is even better).

I will leave the topic in case someone else thinks about the same.

Ah, you got there before us! (apologies for the delay, the majority of the team was on annual leave).

Glad you figured it out though, and that you prefer this method.

However, if you’ve any further questions about this topic (or other topics), let me know as i’d be happy to help.

@TedwardBear why is this feature requested cancelled? Is there a reason not to support adding a row to the end of table when the Tab key is pressed within the last cell of the table? This is a common and intuitive convention for building tables.

While ⌘Return is convenient to add new rows in the middle of a table, the 80% use case for creating a new table is not intuitive:

As opposed the prevailing convention of supporting the addition of a new row to a table if the Tab key is pressed in the last cell:

(where the table grows as needed)

Since pressing the Tab key within the last cell of a table currently does nothing, could you make it an alias for pressing ⌘Return and navigating to the first cell in the (new) last row? This would allow ⌘Return to continue to work as it does and support the common convention of growing tables as needed with the Tab key.

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I feel like this is really standard behavior, where a tab in the last cell of the last row creates a new row and puts your cursor in the first cell of that row. Right now, it seems that nothing happens? Tab is just not functional? Why not give users the behavior they expect and make tab functional? Why is this feature request marked ‘Cancelled’?

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Hi Burke,

I believe the initial poster cancelled the request upon discovery of an alternative.

I believe the current reasoning behind having it this way is due to a limitation, i’ll have to double check with the development team.

At the moment we’ve no plans to change the current behaviour. Regardless, i’ll pass it onto the whole team as something to discuss and consider when moving forward with design and development.

Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.