Change position of new note button

I think the ‘new note’ button on the mac client is in the wrong place. It is hidden by the search field when you are searching for something. I think it makes sense to either swap the search and new note buttons or to place the new note button on the right side in the editor toolbar.


I agree with this idea.

In B1 new note created during search mode came with H1 header using current search words. This is not possible with current B2’s UI.

I wonder whether what I experience is the same thing:
previously, when I searched for an existing note (to avoid creating duplicates) and found no results, I could immediately create a new note with the search text as the note title. This worked fine on iOS, iPadOS and MacOS. Today, this no longer works on MacOS, as the new note button/link is obscured by the search box. Can this obvious issue be fixed please? Thanks!

I strongly disagree to move the new note button out from the second pane. Somehow it would feel strange to have it in the editors pane. To make it consistent with iOS you would also have to change the place of the button what would be even more strange.

In regard to the search field issue: in many cases the search field is too small so every place is needed. A new note can quickly be created by hotkey or main menu

Yeah, I think Proposal 1 is better than the current layout. I agree with @krssno that Proposal 2 would be bad/awkward.

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Thanks for the hotkey suggestion. Even if I would prefer that Proposal 1 gets implemented. :slight_smile: