Should swap new note and search button?

I am in a very insignificant dilemma right now. The new search bar extends fully now, which is good, but now it messes up with my muscle memory which is not good. I constantly hit search when I mean to hit new note because new note has always been on the very right and it is natural to be on the very right since that is the place closest to the note, although very marginally.

On the other hand, I understand the design decision especially since the name of the notes has been introduced to the second pane. Just throwing in my thoughts to see what others might think. Hmm…

Also, as a side request: I would like to see tag edit button under the submenu for the tag name in the second pane.

Screen Shot 2022-10-08 at 2.45.42 pm

That’s like in iOS - makes sense for me

Actually that is a matter of time until you get used with it

I like that design. Because of the animation - which i also like :smiley: - the outermost place makes sense

Hope time solves my very minor issue :melting_face:

I promise you it will :wink:
In that context and to prevent a new post for that let me say that the “hide subtags” command should be removed from the preview style menu not only because it is totally not related to the style of notes preview but mainly because it is hidden. It happened to me that i just wanted to take a look if subtags are shown and felt annoyed that i have to go in further submenu