CMD + Left Arrow to move to beginning of a bullet point

Something I’m finding quite frustrating is the way (Panda) Bear handles the CMD + Left Arrow shortcut when the cursor is on a bullet point item. I would expect the cursor to be moved to the start of the text, but instead it’s moved to the left of the screen before the bullet point. Depending on how deep the bullet point is nested, it then takes some careful adjustment to get back the cursor back where the text actually starts.

I appreciate this is to do with the way markdown is implemented, but it consistently catches me out and ends up with me messing up the formatting.

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Hello there,

I think you’re right, it might be more useful to move the cursor after the bullet if the selection is away from it and move it to the real beginning of the line if it’s already near the bullet.

I’ll try to push this change asap :slight_smile:


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