Ty for the beginning of task line cursor position

Apologies for taking up a topic entry with something so seemingly unsubstantial as this, but I wanted to thank @TedwardBear and the Panda (Bear) team for this:

If you create a task (Cmd-T), begin typing text, and then hit Cmd-LeftArrow, the cursor is taken to the beginning of the task text - which is exactly what I would expect. However, in many other markdown editors I’ve used (including the current Bear 1.8.5), the same Cmd-LeftArrow positions the cursor to the left of the checkbox - [ ] requiring the user to then right arrow (or click) over to the actual text to edit.

Anyway, kudos to the team for this little touch in Panda, many of which seem to really separate your product from the masses.

Thanks again.


No need to apologise at all for this Anthony!

We really appreciate posts and feedback like this, it makes the team’s day.

Hoping you’ve a Beary nice day (and weekend!) in return :heart: :bear: