Control+A cursor move to front of list dot

Testing version: Version 1.0 (532)

What were you doing: Add list items

What feature did you use: list

What happened: when add list, I use control+A to move cursor to the start of the line, but it goes to the real start of the line, which is not expected.

What did you expect to happen: The expected position use control+A should go to the start of the list, not the line. What I wanna do is add some text at the list beginning, not the line start.

Hello Davel,

I see you point, but changing default system behaviour it’s something we actively try to avoid. This might be good for you, but unintuitive for another user.

I will discuss your suggestion with the team, but I can’t promise anything.


I know what you concern, but it’s system default behavior for other editors not markdown editor, because it’s special.
Alao I can do nothing when cursor is at the very beginning of the line.
To say the least, to make all your users happy, would you please add an option to let user decide whether or not jump to the line’s real beginning.