Inconsistent cmd + arrow key behavior within lists

Testing version: Mac Version 2.0 (10816)

What were you doing: navigating in list using keyboard shortcuts

What feature did you use: ordered and unordered lists; cmd + arrow key shortcut

What happened: if the cursor is on the first line of list item, it behaves as expected. On any other line of the list item, cmd + right arrow key navigates to the end of the line, but cmd + left arrow key navigates to the beginning of the entire list item/paragraph, and not the beginning of the line.

What did you expect to happen: the cmd + right or left arrow key shortcut should jump the cursor to the end or the beginning of the line, regardless of which line in a paragraph the cursor is in. This works in text that is not contained in a list. (Jumping to the end/beginning of the entire paragraph is already covered by the option + up and down arrow keys shortcut)

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That’s the correct behaviour of ⌘ + left arrow inside lists’ item.

We want you to be able to select the whole list item content without selecting the list marker. You can still press ⌘ + left arrow once more to get to the beginning of the line.