CMD + Left arrow jumps to the start of a bullet point, no matter how long it is

  • Problem: Suppose I’m writing a paragraph-length piece of text with a bullet point, as in the style of this post, I expect CMD+Left Arrow to take me to the start of whatever line I’m on in the paragraph. This is the behaviour I’m used to in every single text editing program I’ve ever used, and is practically muscle memory when it comes to making rapid edits on text. In the Bear 2 beta, even if I’m this deep into the paragraph of text, pressing CMD+Left Arrow will take me all the way to the start of the bullet point, which feels like a weird behaviour.

I appreciate that markdown may have some idiosyncracies, but I don’t think I’ve ever encountered this behaviour. And it certainly doesn’t occur in normal blocks of text like this one, where it takes you to the beginning of whatever line the cursor is currently on.

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Good catch. And I agree.

We received a lot of requests in the other sense because how ⌘<- works depends on users’ previous experience.
It is true text editors move always at the beginning of the paragraph when ⌘<- is triggered, however rich text editors such as Pages, TextEdit and Notes move at the right of the bullet point.
One can argue Bear’s is a text editor but we think markdown hiding and different editor choices make it feel more like rich text.

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That’s not what I mean — the problem is that you can be four lines deep into a bulleted paragraph and CMD+Left will take you to the start of the paragraph not the start of the line.

This is Bear’s behaviour:

Pages doesn’t do this:

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