Collecting notes, handling snippets and quick notes for many purposes

Actually it is not a good idea to post such a proposal as the following in the current phase of beta development. I wanted to wait but two posts from today motivated me to do it anyway. I am aware it is a monstrously large feature and i am not expecting to see that in bear although something similar like that would excite me

It is a proposal for a sidebar element/fourth pane in which we can place notes or snippets from all parts of bear or even from other apps and browsers. To sum up shortly what such a multi-purpose tool could do:

  • creating “playlists” of the most imported notes that are generally spreaded over different tags to keep them together
  • avoiding opening too much notes in its new window
  • Collecting notes, sections from notes or selections for the purpose of composing a text in a separate note
  • something similar like a second editor
  • scratchpad or quick notes functionality

I made a mockup video with the help of sidetones. Just imagine the side notes app at the right side of bear as fourth pane similar TOC/Stats/Backlink (with same behaviour: either fourth pane or floating detachable pop-up). Important annotation: it is a mockup, it just should show the very basic idea, i don’t mean an implementation one to one!

@matteo @trix180 Would that be something for bear 3.0 release? :smiley: