Combining underline and strikethrough doesn't work

Testing version:
Version 2.0 (9652)

What were you doing:
Trying to strike through underlined text.

What feature did you use:
Keyboard shortcut.

What happened:

What did you expect to happen:
I expected the text to have both the underline and the strike-through.

Yes, I am experiencing this as well. More specifically, the three tidal are interpreted as code blocks.

I found the reason for this in CommonMark spec:

A code fence is a sequence of at least three consecutive backtick characters (``` ) or tildes (~ ).

My personal suggestion would be to change the notation for underline to something else in that case. Single tildes are problematic anyway because they denote subscript in MultiMarkdown and could lead to clashes when exporting to software like iA Writer.

(Bear is the only Markdown app I know that has a notation for underlining text that isn’t inline HTML so I don’t know what other notation we could use, though. Maybe =this= could be underline? Underlining serves a similar purpose to highlighting so it would be somewhat consistent with the highlighting syntax.)

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It works on my system, by using the shortcuts… Actually, it just work on my system, even when I’m “writing” it with the tildes…

Where did you find the reference to tildes as code fence? I went to the reference page and it has this on the subject:

No tildes as far as I can see?!

Your example works because there is text in front. Markdown cannot render something as code block if it has some text in front.


I have written above with three tidal.

I have written ‘also’ in this sentence ~also~ with three tidal. The markdown in this forum does not render tidal as underline so it only has asterisks but anyway it ‘works’.

The code block is at section 4.5 example 120

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OK, now I see. So, that means the code fence markdown in Bear 2 has “taken over” Bear 1’s markdown system of coding underlines and strikethroughs, right? (Just so I understand correctly).

Here: CommonMark Spec

And yes to your last question.

Actually that is sort of a no cuz Bear1 didn’t do nested syntax. But yes, code fence took over our underline strikethrough combo.

Very interesting edge case, I always wonder if somebody uses the tildes or tabbed code fence and if they do more harm than good.

Honestly, if you were going to diverge from CommonMark somewhere, this would be it. Everybody uses backticks for code fences (the tildes are only there to be able to fence in backticks themselves, I think). And the tabbed in code block nobody knows about, and I’ve seen countless questions on various Markdown app fora about that behavior. People want to indent text, not turn it into a code block.

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