"Command-M" macOS keyboard shortcut does not work normally when a Bear window is active

Bear application version: Version 2.1.2 (12452)

OS Version: macOS 14.3.1 (23D60)
Kernel Version: Darwin 23.3.0

What were you doing: Trying to minimize any window on my Mac when Bear was active or in the background using the “Command+M” keyboard shortcut.

What feature did you use: I was using the “Command+M” keyboard shortcut, which is the shortcut for the “Minimize” button under the “Window” tab.

What happened: Any application that has a window will just get hidden instead of actually being minimized, which is abnormal and frustrating. Essentially, the application windows will just get concealed no matter what keyboard shortcut I try. Of course, the Bear windows are affected just as much as any of the other application windows while Bear is working (i.e., when the “Bear” program is running and has its processes running as well).

What did you expect to happen: I expected that any application window that is active should be minimized when I hit the “Command+M” keyboard shortcut instead of being hidden. This especially applies to when Bear is running. When Bear is not running (i.e., when Bear’s process and child-processes are all terminated), this issue gets resolved.

Hello. Are you saying Bear is responsible for changing how CMD+M acts on any application windows on your Mac from Minimize to Hide? I have to say this is particularly odd because, as far as know, no third-party app can do something like that. Rebooting your Mac produce any result?

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From what I remember, rebooting the Mac did not seem to have an effect on fixing the issue. I assume that the Bear program has some sort of responsibility for this issue because the issue only occurs whenever Bear is active or running; it never happens with any other program on my Mac.

The issue definitely starts and ends with the Bear program, somehow. The Bear program will stop responding to or handling the “CMD+M” keyboard shortcut once it is running, but the weird thing is that it also affects how the “CMD+M” keyboard shortcut is handled in other programs too.

I am not sure what triggers it; I agree that it is particularly strange. I was thinking that there might be a bug with the latest version of macOS, but I am not sure why it is only Bear that is affected by it.

What are your thoughts? I am confused as well.

Have you registered CMD+M as a shortcut Bear’s preferences?

Yeah, I believe I did so. I can verify this by inspecting the GUI and seeing the “CMD+M” key shortcut next to the “Minimize” button.

Maybe you have set ⌘M in Bear settings, as global shortcut to Open Bear's main window?

This will conflict/confuse/compete with MacOS’s default shortcut “Minimize Window” ⌘ M
If this is the case, set shortcut in Bear Settings to control ⌘ M instead …

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Yep! This was the issue! I have no clue how the global shortcut became “CMD+M”, but changing it ‘CTRL+M’ did the trick.

Thank you so much for helping! The issue is now fully resolved.

As a UI/UX tip for future releases/builds of Bear on macOS: based on my issue, it would be helpful if Bear provided some sort of warning or indication that the “Open main window” global shortcut was set to "CMD+M’, which causes a clash with the default minimization behaviour of macOS.

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