The keyboard shortcut for highlighting doesn't work on the Mac for me

Testing version: all Mac versions since the release

What were you doing: Pressing Cmd+Shift+M

What feature did you use: writing in a note

What happened: nothing

What did you expect to happen: ==text getting highlighted==

Is there any chance some other app is “stealing” Cmd+Shift+M?
Usually, it’s an app running in the menu bar and you can try to quit those one by one.

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Yeah I had similar issue with Shift+Cmd+A where Zoom was actually stealing the shortcut for its global mute audio toggle.

That was my first thought but I couldn’t identify any app doing that. @R2000 put me on the right track, though. In my case, it was Webex and it’s mute/unmute shortcut. Once I turned off Webex, the problem disappeared.

Thanks for the help!