Complimenti e pensieri!


  • overall awesome and much needed
  • being able to drag and drop columns and rows like one can do in any Spreadsheet software
  • surprisingly great experience to see a new row generated when hitting enter in the bottom right cell!
  • but if I hit enter again in a completely empty row, it deletes the row. That was unexpected. I would expect another row to be created.
  • Love the alternating row colors
  • You can navigate up and down between cells easily with cmd-p and cmd-n but no similar keybindings seem to exist for right and left. It’d be nice if the experience was the same.

Code Blocks

  • overall, again, amazing updates!
  • when doing multiline, if I create a bunch of new lines and add the closing 3 backticks above the bottom of the codeblock, it removes the code block highlighting below. However, If I remove the backticks, the extra code block highlighting below appears again. That seems inconsistent: seemingly disappearing and then reappearing later.
  • it’d be nice if typing the final closing backtick pushed the user out of the code block because presumably they’re done with that code block, at least that was my expectation


  • Love to see the standardization
  • Mixed feelings about the alternating bullet styles when indenting. Any way to configure that?