Copy As... Highlighted

Testing version:


What were you doing:

Following your tip on Facebook re copying highlights on ios

What feature did you use:

What happened:

The option isn’t there.

What did you expect to happen:

As Facebook

Is this not in 2.0?

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@trix180 I see in the latest beta you have tried to address this but the treatment is different between iOS and Mac and I’m not sure why.

On the Mac you select the three dots at the top right of the note and the option is there for the whole note.

On iOS you have to highlight the whole (with no select all option) and then the option comes up if there is any highlighted text.

Why not make iOS the same as Mac, this is the treatment that makes more sense.

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Oh yes, we are missing the copy as options in the … menu. Will be added with the next update.

Regarding the last changelog, I was referring to the long press menu in the note list but I forgot to mention the option is also available on the selection menu.