Copying website links and email addresses

Testing version:
2.0 11093

What were you doing:
Copying an email body that contained a website link and an email address.

What feature did you use:
Copying and pasting

What happened:
The website link or email address never gets copied in a unitary fashion. There is usually one character at the end that is split off into a new link or a character at the beginning.

What did you expect to happen:
For the website link or email address to be pasted as one link.


can you please provide a webpage for testing this issue?

Best Regards.


  1. The .eml file is the source that was copied, and the bear note is what was pasted. This is the canonical example.

  2. Website #29 “macOS Paste.bear” and “iOS paste.bear” for output

Not the stated problem, but the iOS paste gave me way more bolded sections than the macOS paste did.

The other example I thought of (an encrypted business note with sensitive client information) could have been artifacts from my many, many imports from other notes apps I’ve tried last year, so I can’t include it.

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