Create Zettlekasten templates that can apply to a blank note

Something that would be incredibly helpful would be to have templates for Zettlekasten-style notes such as Reference Notes, Literature notes, and Permanent Notes. Or even be able to create my own templates for recipes or other repeated patterns that I use often.

Currently, I have several template type notes with #.template tag which works great if I’m starting from a blank note. However, I’ve noticed that I create a lot of notes on the fly by using the double brackets to create a note that I will later write. It would be awesome to click that note and then be able to apply a template to it.

It also would be neat to have templates that don’t get overwritten. For example, in the Adobe programs, you can save something as a template. Then when you open that document, it creates a new document with whatever you have in the template, but it doesn’t save over the template itself.


Welcome, the new note template similar to what Adobe does might be interesting but I’m not convinced about let people select the template when a note link is tapped/clicked. However, appling the new document template for those links and might be interesting for some.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Hi Bakoind, I achieve exactly what you are suggesting using snippets via Alfred pro. I create a note in Bear, type in a small keyword, and it expands to create a template for me.

I’m certainly not saying that having this functionality directly in Bear wouldn’t be useful, but sharing in case it’s useful for you in the meantime.