Creating a link next to a link preview doesn’t work

Testing version:
iPadOS version 2 (11586)

What were you doing:
Creating links

What feature did you use:
Links + link previews

What happened:
Created a link with a preview. Then, after that was complete, pressed the “link” button again to make another. Nothing occurred. If I added a space, or a new line, I could use the button again - but with the cursor directly next to the link preview, nothing happens.

What did you expect to happen:
Press the link button, and immediately be able to create a new link next to the previous one.

Wouldn’t that be the logical thing to happen because of markdown? Because the (invisible) closing markers of the link will end up connected to the opening markers of the next link. You do need a space just like you need a space between words in a text.

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You don’t need a space if you’re not using link previews. Seems inconsistent to me

interesting… yeah, that would come across as inconsistent. A bit at least…

Yes, this is odd. Thanks for the report.

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