"Open link" should be enabled even with cursor placed just next to it (without space)

Feedback to new version Bear 2.0 (9735) and new function Open link:

  • the function is enabled only if cursor is placed in the very text of the link
  • however when cursor is placed at the border of the link (between squarebrackets or just next to them), the function does not work.

I believe the function should be consistent with “syntax preview/hide” - if cursor is just next to the link - see image - it is understood as that it “activated” the link (because you can see link syntax = square brackets), but at this moment you cannot open the link by keyboard shortcut.


This use is (1) logical and expected and (2) it will enable to use it quickly e.g. with lists of many links, where you typically place cursor at the very beginning or end of the list item (by using keyboard shortcuts)

I agree, what you propose should allow quicker access to the open link functionality. We’ll discuss this possible open-link enhancement.

Thanks for your feedback.