Custom keyboard header icons get stuck in dark mode

Testing version:

iOS 2.0 (11416)

What were you doing:

Editing a note

What feature did you use:

On-screen keyboard

What happened:

Icons appeared in white whether the screen was in light mode or dark mode.

What did you expect to happen:

Icons appear in black/dark gray when the screen is in light mode, and only appear in white when the screen is in dark mode.

Note: force-quitting the app fixed this. I haven’t been able to figure out the series of steps to reliably trigger the icons getting stuck. But I think I have seen it in the reverse, too: stuck with black/dark gray color.

This sounds like an iOS glitch but if can figure out a way to reproduce this issue we’ll look into it.

Here’s a video; I’m able to replicate it reliably.

Note when the icons do and don’t change:

  • they don’t change when I change the mode from control center
  • they don’t change when I change from within settings
  • they do change when I hide and show the keyboard
  • they do change when I leave and return to a note which hides and shows a keyboard)
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Thanks a lot. Of course, I can’t simulate this :slight_smile:
Which iOS release are you running?

iOS 16.5, iPhone 12

I am getting a new (used) iPad shortly; I will give it a try on there and see if it happens.

If anyone else is seeing this, please chime in on the thread with info on your setup too!