Deleted documents are not removed from File->Open Recent menu

Testing version:
Panda Version 1.0 (415), Catalina 10.15.4

Physically deleted documents should be removed (or, at least, greyed out) from the File->Open Recent menu:


I’ve just make a couple of tests and it seems that recent deleted files are correctly removed from that menu.

Can you give me a more detailed description of what you’re doing?


Here it is:

Launch Panda and clear the Recent menu
Create 3 documents and save it as ‘test1’, ‘test2’ and ‘test3’ in Panda folder on iCloud
Quit Panda
Delete ‘test2’ manually from Finder
Launch Panda again, ‘test2’ is still in the Recent menu:

(‘test2’ will be removed from Recent list after emptying the Trash, but I think it should be removed or greyed out right after the deletion).